Detox: Day 14

This weather is so fabulous!  I have been waiting for Spring for so long.  It is great that Connecticut has all four seasons because it just makes you appreciate the Spring and Summer so much more.  I will admit I do love the beginning of Fall but mostly because the fall fashions are amazing the weather hasn’t gotten too cold and the leaves changing colors are so pretty.  However there is nothing that I love about winter…NOTHING!

The problem with Spring right now for me is I find myself wanting to be out and about and this weekend that was bad because I did lose a little focus with my cleanse. On Sunday I went to my Aunts house and helped her with some things that she had to get done for her wedding.  She had put some burgers on the grill and they were just too tempting for me to pass up.  So I ate two burgers a half a bag of salt and vinegar potato chips (had to curve that craving) and a big scoop of macaroni salad.  I know that was well over my 600 calorie count.  Ok, but lets look at the positives.  I ate the hamburgers with no bread and I did have a great workout with #teamfitandfab .  We ran three miles and did squats and jumping jacks after.  So it was bad but not absolutely horrible.

Today, I had to meet up with my cousin to shop for decorations for the bridal shower.  Being out all day with her threw my cleanse all off.  I could not keep up with my eating, we were out so I got a half grilled chicken salad and backed potato from Wendy’s.  Then we got back to her house around 8:30 I ate some backed chicken wings with a little rice and cabbage.  So I am sure that was also over my 600 calorie count.  The worst part is I didn’t workout.  The positives we were running around all day, we parked far so we could walk longer, I drank as much water as I could and we got a lot accomplished for the bridal shower.

All in all I did not have a perfect weekend.  Am I going to beat myself up?  No.  What I am going to do though is make sure I jump back on the wagon tomorrow.  Get refocused, and go hard with my workout to burn some of the calories that I packed on this weekend.  I refuse to hate myself for it, I fall down but I get up…LOL.  Well, I hope you all are enjoying this fantabulous weather.

Happy Spring XOXO


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