Detox: Day 13

13 days down and 17 to go! This detox has been teaching me a lot about myself and my habits.  I think I have been able to pin point the source of all my bad eating habits.  The majority of my weight gain came from my late night cravings.  I realized that because that is when I struggle the most during my cleanse.  I can go all do doing fabulous but then once 12am hits I am aggressively searching, thinking and craving for my next meal.  Yesterday was such a great day but last night all I could think about was food.  It got to the point I almost went to the store and bought me some salt and vinegar potato chips and pistachios and a slim jim.  I mean seriously come on.  I got so upset that I couldn’t have it that I got a headache and had to force myself to go to bed by like 1:30am and anyone who knows me knows that 1:30am is early for me.

This morning when I woke up all those cravings were gone.  Even after I told myself today I was going to wake up go to the store buy my potato chips eat the whole bag and then go to the gym.  I didn’t even want them this morning.  How crazy is that?  As I thought about it more I realized that this is a cycle that has been going on for years.  I can pretty much go all day without eating or eat just one time a day (which is not good for you either) then at night I want fast food or junk food and I will indulge myself.  Night time is the worst time to eat bad because your metabolism is pretty much clocked out of work for the night and I sure wasn’t doing any exercise I was laying in the bed eating like this.

Knowledge is power though.  Now that I have pin pointed this fact I will have to create a plan to offset it.  I can not guarantee that I will never have late night cravings again but those cravings will have to be offset by an intense workout the next day or even that night since I’m always up anyway.  Lord knows I am not perfect but I am working towards perfect plans and as a human that is all I can strive for.  I’m looking forward to a great workout today with the ladies of #teamfitandfab . Wishing you all well.

Happy Palm Sunday XOXO


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