Detox: Day 12


 I just wanted to say that.  Today was such a great day!  Finally, Spring has arrived in Connecticut.  I thought it would never come. Today is the last day of the first cycle of my all liquid days for my cleanse and I must say I have done very well.   It’s funny because I was actually looking forward to doing the all liquid days but only because I am lazy to get up at 7am and make a shake LOL.  But now that it is over I can’t wait to have my shake tomorrow if for no other reason then to have another taste in my mouth.

I worked out last night and then told myself I would get up this morning and go to the gym.  But I ended up going to bed after 3am and was very tired when I woke up and it was cold in my room so I didn’t feel like going anymore.  Then a quote that my cousin Toya (one of the ladies of Team Fit & Fab) sent out came to my head and I couldn’t get it out.  It was this: commitment

After hearing this over in my head a few times I got up and went to the gym and had and awesome workout.  Then my bestie Tena (another lady of Team Fit & Fab) came to the gym after I had put in like an hour already and encouraged me to go for another hour and a half.  So I pretty much spent my whole morning in the gym and I felt great after.  I am so happy to have my girls at my side on this.  They have been so encouraging in helping me along on my health journey.  I don’t know what I would do without them.   For all of you out there trying to stay committed to your fitness goals I encourage you to find a support team it really helps, trust me I know, I’ve tried to do it alone many times it’s not easy.

Well, I am almost half way through my cleanse and no everyday is not easy but I am pushing along and putting my best foot forward.  I don’t know what the end results will be as far as the cleanse goes but I do know I am feeling better about myself just for taking the steps in the right direction.  Sending all my love to Team Fit & Fab; Toya, Tena, Dareena and Ashley thanks ladies for being there for me!  I love you!




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