Detox: Day 9

Today was day one of the intense part of my detox.  Let me just say I don’t like it.  My one meal which consist of 400-600 calories is at 12:30 in the afternoon.  For breakfast and dinner I have a shake than pretty much the only other thing I eat for the rest of the day is raw natural almonds.  I’ve done this before but I don’t remember it being this difficult.  I am going to press on though I have a goal set and I plan on reaching it.

The funny thing is I’m not really hungry I just feel like I want to eat.  This detox is teaching me the difference between the two.  I believe that in our society food is so available to us that we don’t realize when we are just eating to eat, this is how we pack on the pounds.  Our body can’t work fast enough to burn off all of the calories and fat we are putting in it.  And just like any machine the residue just begins to build up. This is a very important lesson that I intend on taking out of this detox.  Hopefully it will help me to keep the weight down after it is over.


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