Detox: Day 8

Well today was pretty much a bust! I stayed up last night until almost 5 o’clock in the morning so when my alarm went off for 6:45 I hit it in my sleep and didn’t wake up again until 8am.   The first step to the detox for the 11 day portion starts at 7am and since I missed it the rest of my day went completely down hill.  When I noticed I had missed the first step I went back to sleep and didn’t follow any of the other steps for the day.

So I guess we will call today a rest day.  All I ended up eating today was an apple then my bestie and I cooked dinner we made a roast chicken, cabbage, spinach, corn and for my indulgence loaded mashed potatoes.  Now although that was not horrible it was a stray from my cleanse.  I am sure I went over my 400-600 calorie daily food intake.

Now that I have mentioned how I went wrong lets talk about some of the positives of the day.  I did go for a good walk it was pretty nice this afternoon and the fresh air was great.  Then we got back home we did 220 squats.  So no I did not have a perfect day but it wasn’t completely horrible either.  Tomorrow is a new day and without a doubt I will be jumping into the intense 11 day part of my cleanse.  One more time, wish me luck.



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