Detox: Day 4

Detoxing is all about preparation.  Pretty much every 2 hours I am eating and preparing my next meal.  I am also thinking about food a lot more than I ever have.  I am always planning in my head what to eat next that is not toxic or full of sugar, carbs or fat.  For the last three days I have been eating grilled chicken but yesterday I was so over it I had to switch it up today.  So I decided I would have some grilled fish and shrimp with a spinach salad for my dinner tonight.

The problem with me and preparing food is that I hate to touch raw meat.  I am so finicky about how my food is prepared so I throughly clean all of my meats before I cook them as they should be cleaned.  However the feeling of raw meat makes me nauseous.  Today when I was de-veining the shrimp I literally had to hold my breath and talk my way through it.  I swear raw meat grosses me out!  I remember the first time I had to clean a whole chicken I wore yellow rubber dishwashing gloves and literally had to run to the bathroom to almost throw up when I pulled the guts out.  It was so disgusting.  I’ve never cooked another whole chicken again.

Sometimes I contemplate becoming a vegan because the way I feel about raw meat completely sickens me.  If I were the one who had to prepare all of my meats I would never eat.  Thankfully all the women in my family and my friends are cooks because they can do it for me.   I guess I am going to have to hire me a chef at some point in my life then he can cook me fresh healthy meals all the time and I will never have to touch raw meat again!


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