Detox: Day 3

Wo!  Let me just tell you last night sucked major…(fill in the blank with whatever words fits best to you)!!!!  I could not sleep at all.  I tried to force myself but it was not working and the later I stayed up the hungrier I became.  It was serious I got a headache, my stomach was growling at me I was shaking back and forth like a fiend I started thinking of all this food I wanted to eat and then I had an overwhelming craving for some turkey kielbasa.

Since I couldn’t have any I decided to look up the nutritional facts to see how bad it would be if I decided to indulge and include it in my 400-600 calorie meal that I am allotted for my detox.  So I looked it up and I couldn’t believe it, turkey kielbasa is on 92 calories! I almost jumped out of my skin.  I started planning how I would cook it and what I would make with it, I was so happy that it was so low in calories.   I continued to research turkey kielbasa and how it’s made and I came across something online that said the meat in the kielbasa was grade D.  Now I’ve heard of the different grades of meat but never really looked into the details of it.

That was the worst thing I could have done.  So I am reading this article online and to make a long article short it basically said and I quote, “There is really nothing wrong with USDA grade D meat.  All the label means is that the meat comes from the less desirable portions (e.g., lips, skin, hair, sexual organs, intestinal contents) of a non-standard food animal (e.g., horse, beaver, rat, laboratory chimp), and that it is of a color or texture that one would not expect”, end quote.  Now please excuse my text lingo OMFG, WTF are you kidding me!  I am sure that not all grade D meat has sexual organs or rat parts in it but how in the world am I ever suppose to know when it does?  I was so disgusted my hunger immediately went away.

I am so sad.  You know the saying ‘ignorance is bliss’, well that couldn’t be more true because I loved turkey kielbasa now I am wondering what percentage of it is actually turkey and could it be partially beaver or rat or freaking lab monkey.  I am so turned off of food right now I don’t know what to do with myself.  It is so scary to think of all the hotdogs I’ve eaten all the kielbasa that I loved how much of it was lab meat?  If I was ever feeling like quitting my detox before I am definitely not quitting now, I have to finish my detox to get all the random animal parts out of my body.  No wonder I am overweight.  Ok, going a little nuts right now I think I am going to lay off the research for a day or two before I end up starving myself do death.


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