Since I have chosen to live a healthier life I have been doing a lot of research on the foods that we eat, and things that we by and it is crazy the amount of toxins that we consume.  I read somewhere that when they tested the umbilical cord of a newborn baby they found thousands of toxins in the umbilical cord.  When I thought about that it made me sick just thinking that if there were thousands of toxins in the body of a child who was just born what could the inside of my body potentially look like.  At this moment in time I am disgusted with how the outside looks so if the inside is a reflection of what’s going on inside then I need more help then I ever imagined.

This led me to making the decisions of taking a detox system.  After a lot of research I found one and I actually tried the smaller version of it out a while ago and it worked.  Now that I am really taking my health seriously I decided that I am going to do the full 30-day cleanse and my first day is tomorrow.  So for the next 30-days I am going to document my mental progress because getting through something like this is mostly mental and discipline.

Wish me luck tomorrow is day one.  Honestly though I think that this will be a breeze because my eyes have been opened to how unhealthy I have been in my life and I am more than ready for a change for the better.



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