Club Fit & Fab: Healthy Choices

Today is the weekend and I know for me it is hard to stay out of tempting situations.  I sent out a message to the girls encouraging them to make healthy decisions.  It always helps me when they send out their messages. Some days tit’s all you need to get you to the gym or help you make a healthy food choice.

I think I did well today. I had strawberries and blackberries for breakfast because I knew I was going to have a big lunch. Me and my cousin Myron had to take her little sister Skye shopping to get her some Spring clothes and we decided we were going to go to Olive Garden for lunch.  I knew it would be a risk being around bread and those drinks and cheese but when I got there it really wasn’t even that hard. I did indulge a little I had a few pieces of fried calamari and three stuffed mushrooms, then my little cousin got fried chicken fingers and I had a half of one of those.

On the bright side I didn’t get any drinks, I only drank water (I added lemon for flavor). For my main course I ordered grilled salmon and broccoli.  I ate half for lunch and the other half for dinner.  Later tonight I had three glasses of wine with my best friend. I knew  I had to save the calories from the restaurant today just in case I would have to use the wine points later on tonight.

Taking it one day at a time. Good luck to everyone out there on their journey.



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