Variety is a Spice of Life

Today I was talking to my friend Tena about how people are always changing and trying new things and she said, “variety is a spice of life”.   When she said it I instantly wrote it down because I knew she was on to something.  It made me wonder if I had to pick what some spices of life were besides variety what would they be?  How  many would there be?  Lets just say there were seven, thinking of spices being something that adds flavor and taste to something my picks for the spices of life would be the following: Love, Sex, Adventure, Romance, Accomplishment, Challenges & Variety.

I am sure there are many others but those are my key spices.  I’m really interested to hear what other people would list as theirs.  I know that my life taste a lot better when I am striving to accomplish something, when I am being romanced, challenged, doing something thrilling and adventurous and I don’t even have to explain the love and sex part.  I wonder if I can keep my life fully seasoned never having a dull moment.  Would that be too much.   Do we need to have a portion of the dull to truly appreciate the spice?  Or will us humans just always find a reason to be unsatisfied always adding to much spice?

Just some spice for thought.  LOL




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