I feel like my dreams are directly linked to what I am going through in my life. When I am stressed I always dream about my teeth falling out or pulling metal out of my mouth.  I believe that is because I had braces when I was younger and it was a challenging experience for me.  I have a dream about my late cousin and aunt when I am worried about my career, I believe that is because they were always two of my biggest supporters.

Lately I have been dreaming about them a lot.  I have been particularly stressed about my career especially since I left my job.  I have so many goals and  I need to meet them and right away to take it to the next level.  With summer approaching I need to be in a position to make moves while the weather is good.  One thing about New England is snow storms make it hard to maneuver, so taking advantage of the warm seasons is a must.  I need to make some things happen quick before my dreams turn into nightmares.


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