Scandal Obsessed!!!

I like millions of other Americas admit I am on a new drug called Scandal.  Every Thursday I look forward to my Olivia Pope and President Grant fix.  I swear I am so mad at Shonda Rhimes for the torture she has inflicted on me.  Every week she finds a way to keep me hanging on even when I don’t want too. With that said I need to vent.

Am I the only who can not stand Olivia right now.  I  mean come on her character has gotten so weak.  I just want to slap her!  I am team Melli all the way.  I was so happy last week when they introduced the new candidate for VP and we found out that he is secretly in love with my girl!  Oh, so excited to see how this turns out.  I hope that Fitz finds out and gets crazy jealous and disses Olivia.  She is just so dumb!  She is wrapped up in Fitz while her team falls apart, her business goes down the drain and she loses all credibility.  And when the hell is she going to find out that Fitz leaked her name?  Come on!

And can someone please explain to me how in the world did Fitz make Ballard head of B316 when they said that agency was not run by the President.  I am so confused by that entire situation.  Shonda you are killing me! I have to give this woman her props.  I could only dream to have the amount of hit shows she has under her belt one day.  Grays Anatomy, Private Practice now Scandal.  I just can’t take her emotional abuse any longer…but I do.  She has me hooked!  Can’t wait to get lost in Shondaland tonight!


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