I Am An Author

I do have a life outside of “Wide Open”.  Although over the last few weeks I know it hasn’t seemed like it but I am an author and I am currently working on a few projects.  I finally get to refocus on these projects.  They are actually the reason I left my job.  I have a bad case of A.D.D. and cannot focus on too many things at a time so once we booked “Wide Open” my writing took a back seat.

Now that I am back in the swing of things with the play I can now multi-task and not be so stressed out over one project. I am super excited about the next few months because there will be some major strides made in my writing.  I can’t wait to reveal it all, but for now all I can say is be on the look out. Shireal Renee, author, playwright, screenplays, poet, I get’s it in LOL.  I am so ready to indulge myself in the land of make-believe.  A writers paradise.

Watch out world – I’m writing.


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