Photo by Henry Lewis
Photo by Henry Lewis

First I am thankful to everyone who came out and supported the show.  I can never express enough how appreciative I am for you all!  This show was a huge challenge for me and even though I presented myself with the coolest composure I could muster up I was freaking out the whole time.  I was in my own head all but damming my performance and thinking I would be awful.  I’ll admit the Friday show was not my greatest and I know I am saying this as my own worst critic but I wasn’t very happy with it.  Thankfully God made me the type of person who uses her bad experiences as fuel to power up and do better because I woke up Saturday morning on a mission to prove myself wrong and I smashed the Saturday night show!

It was really hard coming back from an almost 2 year hiatus from CT.   Especially after all of the momentum that the show had on its first run out.  A friend of mine once told me that momentum is the hardest thing to get back and he was right.  But the great thing is now that we have it back I am determined to never let it go again.  I really needed this weekend to happen as much as I fought it.  I will admit I did not want to do this show I even quit and tried to go back on my word but Maurice would not let me give up.  I am so fortunate to have him in my life.  We artist need people like that on our team who will push us and challenge us even when we scream, fight and throw tantrums.

I said that this year was my year of transformation and I am on the right path.  Thank you to everyone who has supported me on this journey.  This is only the beginning and as long as I have you all in my corner there is no chance of failure.  Maurice I know you told me that your crew Insubordination is like your family.  Well that is what #teamwideopen is to me – my family.   I learned this weekend that #teamwideopen is not just us cast and crew members it’s our family and friends who take time out of their lives and come out and support us as we try to live this dream that can be so hard to chase.  It is everyone who reads these blogs that I post and encourages me and loves me in spite of myself.  You are all #teamwideopen .  Thank you for allowing me to live my life “Wide Open”.


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