“Wide Open”: Showtime

WO Bregamos2The day is finally here.  It is also my grandmother’s birthday.  She is my last living grandparent which makes her pretty much the most important person in my life.  There is a part in “Wide Open” when I talk about how she has shaped me and how important her role in my life is.  I remember being able to do that part with her in the audience when we debuted at the Wadsworth in 2010 and it was a dream come true.  Tonight’s show is dedicated to my beautiful, strong, outspoken Grandmother Nadine.

As we prepare to open the doors up tonight I am keeping myself in prayer.  My only wish is that someone is touched and can relate to the story.  I hope that someone is rescued from any anguish they may find themselves in or forgives themselves for any past indiscretions.  None of us are perfect and we all have  a past but overcoming our past and not letting it define who we are is what makes us powerful.

Allow yourself to live your life Wide Open, to all the wonderful possibilities of love, success, friendships, travel, discovery, family and opportunity.  I promise you that you will not regret it.  I hope you enjoy the show tonight or tomorrow night.  You can still purchase tickets online at www.wideopenstageplay.eventbrite.com .

Happy Birthday Grandma I love you dearly! XOXO


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