“Wide Open”: 48 Hours (Tick Tock)

Am I crazy?

That is the theme of the day.  We are pretty much in production mode at this point.  This is the behind the scenes part that most people don’t get to see – all the glitz and glamor is gone.  Today is about sweat pants, tee-shirts, work boots and Uhaul trucks.  We are moving furniture for the set and cleaning things, this part I wish I could forfeit.  Unfortunately, as a producer of the show with no stage crew everything becomes my job.

There is so much that goes into putting a show up.  It’s like baking a cake.  First you have to get messy, your hands get dirty, once you get all the ingredients mixed up and you can put the cake in the oven and clean the kitchen so when it comes out you can add the frosting.  The actual show is the icing.  If the show goes well then you can call that the sprinkles and the cherry on top.  Oh God, please help me.  I am so nervous I don’t want my cake to fall.

Only 48 hours until the next phase of my destiny is revealed.  This is when I start asking myself ‘am I crazy‘. Please pray for me!

Tickets are available online, click the link to purchase your’s now.


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