“Wide Open”: 15 Days (Crazy)

This show is in 15 days and today I had an impulse to rewrite the script.  Call me crazy but we changed the script 6 days before the show the first time we did it and it turned out phenomenal.  I mean of course the story will always remain the same but I’ve grown so the charter has to grow with me.  Plus I am a junkie for change so why not make it more exciting to add to the natural rush that I get when I do a show.

Besides “Wide Open” is about deliverance, faith and persevere so if I am not applying those beliefs to my everyday life then I am a hypocrite to be out there on stage encouraging it to others.  I have faith that this show is meant for greatness, I will work hard and follow my heart so that I can overcome any obstacle that stands in my way (even if the obstacle is myself), I am committed to this journey because God did not deliver me out of that situation for nothing.  He wants me to share my testimony to the world as a witness to how great and powerful he is.

Those who are meant to be there will be there, “Wide Open” 2014

WO Bregamos2


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