“Wide Open”: 17 Days (Testimony)

As I look back over my life and I think things over I can truly say that I’ve been blessed I have a testimony…

I have been writing in journals as far back as I can remember.  My journals have groomed me as a writer.  Most of my work is based on life experiences, I write from a real place.  Even my fiction work is based on real events that I can create from.  “Wide Open” for example is based on an experience that I survived in my life, “The Things Inside Me” is a poetic autobiography, “Outside Myself” is a poetic documentary all of these artistic expressions were born from life experience – they are my testimony.

This is why I am always so nervous when I put my work out, I remember when I first published “The Things Inside Me”, I could not be in the same room with someone who was reading it because I felt like I was being exposed.  I still have that feeling when someone is reading my work in front of me.  My life and work are a testimony of how good God is and how far he has taken me.  I always pray that someone will be touched through my work that is how I know that I am doing work that God wants me to and that is what makes it truly remarkable.

I hope that everyone who comes out to see “Wide Open” can find something they can relate too.  But more importantly that they see how you can truly change your life when you put your faith in God.  This is my testimony.


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