“Wide Open”: 18 Days (Superwoman)

I started my part-time job today working as a substitute teacher.  Let me tell you it felt like a hazing day.  They stuck me in a kindergarten class with some  sugared up children.  They were running around and yelling and having tantrums and fighting.  I was more of a bodyguard than a teacher.   I felt bad for the teacher who has to be there everyday there is no way she gets paid enough. Yikes.

Went straight to the grocery store after work, then home and cooked dinner.  I was feeling extremely tired after that but I knew I still had work to do so here I am updating my page and about to write another chapter in my book. I will be up into the wee hours in the morning then back up bright and early to do it again.

This is must be what it feels like to be a mom.  Shout out to all you moms out there who do this holding it down every day.  You are the real superwomen – true blessings to the world!


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