“Wide Open”: 20 Days (Appreciation)

Tarishi Midnight Shuler as Handsome Man, Choreography by Maurice Clark
Tarishi Midnight Shuler as Handsome Man, Choreography by Maurice Clark

Over the last couple years the team and production of “Wide Open” as evolved immensely.  People have come and gone yet there has been some constants that have kept me grounded, humbled and filled with much appreciation.  Those people are Maurice Clark and Tarishi “Midnight” Shuler.

I remember when we first auditioned for the cast of “Wide Open” Tarishi and Maurice both auditioned for the role of the leading male which at the time was simply called, Handsome Man.   As fate would have it they were both cast, Tarishi being cast as, Handsome Man and Maurice as Choreographer.   And let me tell you God’s plan is always greater than your own because each role was meant for them.

Since that day they have been there.  These two have been such a support system to me and this project.  It is not often that you have people who are put in your life and are truly an asset.  These gentleman prove to be just that.  I am so fortunate to have them as a part of the team.  I don’t know what I would do without them.  They have become people who I can depend on and reach out to for matters that have nothing to do with the show.  I have been blessed.  Our relationships have developed and they are more like brothers to me now.  I love them and am so thankful to God for sending them to that audition.

To Mo and Tarishi no matter what path God may take you on know that you changed my life and I am forever grateful.  I pray that we have a lifetime of memories, friendship, success and joy ahead.  Cheers to you with eternal love.


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