“Wide Open”: 22 Days (Focused)

WO Bregamos2Today was a rehearsal day.  Rehearsal days always calm me down,  I think it’s because we are working and my mind is not focused on everything at once but it’s only focused on the final product.  The final product is my favorite part of the process.  I know that sounds cliché’ but at the end of the day I am an addict for the stage.  I chase that high like a fiend.

When we rehearse it’s like getting to be on stage over and over again.  The saying, practice makes perfect, is true because you get to do the scene using different executions and figure out which one works best and feels most comfortable.  Plus repetition of a scene creates muscle memory just like when you go to the gym.

So if I have to pick which emotion overtook me today I will definitely say it was FOCUS!  I think I should try to schedule more rehearsals a week to keep my eye on the prize and my mind from running wild.

To purchase tickets for the show click here.


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