“Wide Open”: 23 Days (The Countdown Begins)

WO Bregamos2There are always these steps I go through when a show is coming up.  They are, complete utter denial, fear, excitement, regret, butterflies, panic and nerves.  They always come one right after the other, not always in the same order but always one after the other.  This time around is different.  I am feeling them all at the same time. I am a walking ball of emotions.  One of them standing out the strongest – PANIC!

I am freaking out over here.  Anyone out there who has ever put on a show knows the amount of work that goes into it but if you have also performed in that said show you also know how intense it is.  I have not done “Wide Open” in Connecticut since April 2011, the show is different now, the cast is different, the sets are different I am different so basically everything is different.  This all means that the show will be received  differently then it has before but last time the reviews were amazing.  I don’t know what to expect this time.

Because my emotions have clearly taken over me I’ve decided to document my meltdown – I mean countdown to this show.  Regardless of my craziness my prayer is always the same, if one person is touched then it is all worth it.  Hope to see you there.

To purchase tickets to Wide Open click here.


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