About Last Night

As you can see I waited until the absolute last-minute to post this but the Super Bowl was unspeakably dreadful!  I am not saying this because the team that I was rooting for loss.   My comments come from a pure place.  One of the reasons that I like so many others love championship games is because you expect to see a championship game – Champion being the key word.

Millions of people gather to witness the two best teams in whatever league wether it be football, basketball or volleyball or whatever play each other.  When you think of the best competing against each other there is an endorphin that kicks in called excitement and our bodies expect to be excited. That didn’t happen last night.  The game was vile!  It was hard to watch and sad to witness.  I feel like the Broncos did not perform like a championship team last night.  I wonder how the Patriots felt watching that game.  At one point in the game it was almost like a bully was kicking the Broncos while they were down and everyone just surrounded to laugh.  It was very sad.

On the flip side a holiday is still a holiday and I always enjoy spending time with my family. Since I am not a sore loser (well I try not to be) I will say big Congratulations to the Seattle Seahawks for a triumphant victory last night.  I should have just went with the Seahawks since I use to live in Seattle.  But I will not jump on their victorious band wagon now. I will just hope that next years game is not in the words of Richard Sherman “a waste of my time.”


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