Super Bowl Sunday!!! (My Favorite Holiday)

Denver_BroncosToday is my favorite holiday!  Even though I had a disagreement with someone about today not being a holiday.  I won’t mention his name so that I can spare him the embarrassment since I thoroughly proved my point.  In my family it is tradition that on Super Bowl Sunday all of our friends and family gather at my FAVORITE Uncle/Father Robert’s house and we cook and we fellowship and enjoy the game on his 70 inch 3D flat screen media entertainment system.  It’s awesome!

Now if I recall this is exactly what happens on other named holidays i.e. Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Years just to name a few.  The great thing about Super Bowl Sunday is that at least the name is honest to what we are celebrating.  We are gathering together as a unit to watch the greatest game on earth.  Now Christmas is disguised as a day of giving when bratty kids just want gifts…and so on and so forth.  I digress.  My point is Super Bowl Sunday is in fact a holiday and I LOVE IT!

This year my beloved NY Giants will not be taking the field so I will be rooting for the Denver Broncos.  I usually go for the underdog but I loves me some Payton Manning (I worshiped him when he was with the Colts) and after that neck surgery I want him to overcome with a big victory.  Lets hope he finishes one of the greatest offensive seasons in NFL history with a humongous Super Bowl XLVIII Victory!



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