Back On The Wagon

24 hour bug gone!!!  I wonder if my body just needed sleep.  I have been working really hard on this project and I haven’t been getting much sleep.  Not that I get a ton of sleep in the first place – I am not a big fan of sleep.  I’d rather work now and sleep when I’m dead.

I missed my deadline and I feel horrible 😦 all I can do now is try to get it done within the next day or two.  It sucks because I am right in the thick of it.  You know when you are in the climax of a project it feels like it takes forever to reach the finish line from there.  That’s where I am now pushing through to the end, which seems so far away.  This is going to be a huge triumph for me when I’m finished.  I can’t wait so I can come out of hiding.  I’ve locked myself away until it is done.

Well, I am going to keep this short because the longer I stay away from my work the longer it will take for me to finish it.  Good luck to you all with your projects.  See you on the other side!


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