Some people say, anything worth having is worth waiting for.  I say, anything worth having is worth fighting for.  I’ve found that if you really want something in this life you have to be willing to go to battle for it.  You have to be willing to not sleep, not eat, not spend time with your family pretty much sacrifice everything for it.  Kanye West writes in one of his songs that before he made it he locked himself in the basement doing five beats a day for three summers.  That is a sacrifice.  Tyler Perry spent his life savings and slept in a car for two years, that’s a sacrifice.   The results of these two great men sacrifices was success beyond measure.  So much wealth that the sacrifice didn’t seem like it was too much to give up once on the other side of the rainbow.

Are you willing to do that?  Are you willing to go to war for the desires of your heart?

I am! This is sacrifice season and I am knee deep in my planting.


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