I Go Both Ways

I am really enjoying experimenting with my natural hair.  One of the reasons I got comfortable with letting my hair out was because I discovered I can wear it straight.  That was important for me because I have been wearing my hair straight for so long it is like a comfort zone to me.  I had to get use to wearing it curly.

What’s funny is now I actually like my curls maybe even more than I like it straight.  Well I think I like it curly more because it is low maintenance.  Now when I straighten it it’s a whole task that takes like two to three hours and it only last a couple of days.  One of my FB friends Chandy also told me if you straighten it too much you can lose your curl pattern.  I like my curls so I don’t know if I want to risk that.

I have noticed that as it gets longer the curl pattern changes.  I like my short hair, I know I may want to grow it out one day but for now in my discovery phase I think it works better for me short.  However the top that I kept semi long can get frustrating as I notice the difference in curl  pattern. I think I am going to look on YouTube and see if I can find some short twist out styles.   That is one thing I haven’t tried yet.  And I plan on dyeing it in the summer.  I am a little hesitant about that because I will be putting chemicals in my newly healthy hair – decisions, decisions.

For now I will just enjoy going both ways with my naturally thick, black, curly, straight hair.


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