I cheated today

I stay away from my Aunts house because she is always cooking and she can cooookkk!!  Since I moved to New Haven I don’t get to visit her as often as I use too, that has actually been helping me stay committed to my new health plan.  Today I figured it was safe to go over on a Monday didn’t think she would be cooking anything major – boy was I wrong!

I get here and she is frying chicken, baking a Thanksgiving ham (with the pineapples, cherries and glaze) dinner rolls, string beans, potato salad, seafood salad macaroni and cheese plus strawberry cupcakes for desert.  WTF come on is the universe against me?  I avoided her house yesterday because she always cooks big on Sunday but just my luck she decided to make her Sunday dinner tonight.

So, I caved.  Yes, I did.  However, let me give myself some credit.  I had a half of chicken wing, a half a scoop of potato salad and a half of cupcake, no dinner rolls.  So even though I did cheat I was still conscious of what I was eating and I will be doing a midnight gym run tonight.  Every day is a challenge but I am still in the race.

Taking it on day at a time!


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