A Glimmer of Hope

Faith without works is dead.

What happens when you work and work and work and you pray and you put all your faith in your God and you still see no results because God shows up on his time not yours.  It’s like when you first join the gym and your working out hard, changing your diet, sacrificing your favorite foods then you look in the mirror and you don’t see any changes.  What is it that keeps up going back anyway?  Hope!

The mere hope that what we are doing is not in vain.  The hope that after we work and we pray and we stay consistent on our paths that the results of our actions will manifest. Hope can be stronger than faith because hope is there when faith is fleeting.  In my “Voyage to Oprah’s Couch” segments I talk about how I believed that I would have been on her show multiple times in my life by now, yet I haven’t.  However, I still hope that my day is coming where I will sit on the couch across from her.

I took a step out on faith when I left my job, I hope that, that faith step wasn’t a foolish one.  I hope that my passion for writing and acting is not just that.  I hope that I will see the fruits of my labor.  I hope that I have the strength to stay faithful.  I hope that in my imperfections I shall find greatness.  I hope that when my patience wears out and I’m all alone losing sight of my dreams that there is a glimmer of hope lingering in the darkness that pulls me through to bask in the light.


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