Thy shall not judge!

Look behind the door of any judgmental person and you shall find a hypocrite.

I am and have been a lot of things but one thing that I pride myself on not partaking in is judgements.  I have always been one to look at myself and my faults before I point fingers at others.  If anyone watches Tyler Perry, The Haves and Have Nots, the main character Hanna is the perfect example of a judgmental hypocrite.  Last week in one scene she was in the chapel praying with a nun and the next scene she was damning someone to hell for their lifestyle.  I was like how do you pray with that mouth.  The man she was damning might I add was a married man she had an affair with who fathered her child.  Hum.

Being judgmental is a horrible sin the worst if you ask me because no one lives on this earth without sin or faults.  We all have demons tucked away in our closets.  Some of us may have more than one closet no matter the end result is the same.  If we were to take that finger and point it back at ourselves and work on our faults the world would be a better place. Lets work on that peace and harmony thing and stop looking at others for validation of self-worth.


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