I hate that I love food!

Eating healthy sucks!  Today I went to the grocery store and everything looked and smelled good – even raw stuff.  I know that sounds disgusting but I’m serious being addicted to food is a real thing and I never really noticed it until I tried to eat “right“.

I did learn a trick though.  To start eating healthy when you are in the grocery store walk in a square.  Meaning start in produce section swing around to seafood, then poultry, then dairy then the register, don’t go down any isles.  The isles are filled with carbs and sugar and fat.  I’m telling you the isles are the devil.  The boxes are designed all pretty and they photoshop the pictures just like they do the models that we can’t measure up to.  It is all a trick!

And don’t even get me started on bread – my ultimate weakness.  I stay far away from the bread isle.  Trust me if you are trying to work on your diet the square is the answer.  If you are anything like me you don’t even want to see what’s in the isles because it will hypnotize you and before you know if you’ll be stuffing your face with a cinnamon bagel with cream cheese and a bag of Doritos.  Ugh!!!




2 thoughts on “I hate that I love food!

  1. Hey Shireal, I do understand and feel your relationship with Food. Please hang in there and look at it as if your Health is and definitely rely on it. Our taste buds has been compromised for sooo long that it becomes diffficult to change. Try your best!

    1. Hi Audrey, Thank you for the support it has been such a challenge staying on track. But you are right the one thing that I continue to think about is my health. I will say I am finding that I can make some really tasty home cooked meals that do not require frying or having bread on the side or lots of butter. It is a learning process but definitely worth it in the long run. Again than you for your encouraging words!

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