Have you ever seen the moon?

Today I heard someone say, “Have you ever seen the moon?”  For some reason that question resonated with me.  I thought what could they mean? Of course everyone with eyes has seen the moon before.  As I thought about the question it completely made sense to me.  Have you ever seen the moon?  The question wasn’t about just looking up and seeing the moon, the question was about appreciation.

Have you ever just stopped and admired the moon, really appreciated its job in our universe.  Have you noticed that it changes color and shape, that its light shining down can make any moment romantic or how it over shines every star in the sky.  Have you ever really seen it?

Sometimes we go through life and we don’t pay attention to the people who are always there, supporting, quietly making sure we are ok simply adding you our existence.  Do we see them?  Do we see the teachers who go that extra mile, or when a stranger holds a door open for you, or the person who gives you the quarter that you are short towards your coffee.

Life is filled with an overwhelming beauty in nature, in humanity in family, I am making it my mission to make sure I see the beauty in the world.  I am making a conscious decision to live, love, appreciate and over extend myself because in that is where the beauty lys.  And just think if it weren’t for the moon and the stars and the smile on a child’s face and everyday small  acts of kindness then the world would be a much darker place.   And I prefer to live in the light.


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