Feeling Brain Dead

I think I have been pulling too many all-nighters.  I keep finding myself staring at the wall and thinking about nothing.  It sounds worse as I type that out.  The crazy thing is since I left my job I have been working many more hours.  Seriously the work of an entrepreneur is never done.  As soon as I complete one thing there is a list of more things, it never stops.  The flip side is I am actually enjoying what I am doing so it doesn’t feel like work at all.

I have been sticking to my schedule today.  I found myself getting upset when I was a few minutes off and I had to check myself.  I said, self this is the first day of this new routine, don’t be so hard on me.  Yet as I am going down my to do list and checking things off of my schedule it’s like I am not even thinking about what I am doing.  Either my brain is taking a nap or it is just way better with schedules then my body is.  My body is in shock mode.  I am such an air sign.  I like to fly all over the place free as a bird drifting from one thing to the next whenever I feel like it.  Schedules change all that.  Welcome to my life as the frantic control freak trying to make sure everything is done to the exact minute that I wrote it down.

Discovering me: I am finding out what a crazy person I am – and it is now being magnified with my blank stares and freakish clock watching!


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