Discovering Me: Loving My Natural Hair

Let me just say I didn’t intend on going natural. I was actually dead set against it. I went to the Dominicans to get a perm and a rinse. Instead they put a perm and a semi permanent in my hair.
After that my hair started falling out. I trimmed it until I was absolutely annoyed. Then one night I grabbed some scissors and chopped it off. At that point I figured may as well see what it looks like natural. And that’s how I got here.
Let me tell you this is a journey. I wouldn’t even look at if for months. I kept getting weaves and braids then that got played out so I decided to take it out and experiment.
Now I am so happy I did. I am absolutely in love with my hair. It is just like me; versatile and moody. It likes to be taken care of. It is the best mistake I ever made. I love love love it!
Today I went to my friend Carmen’s Natural Hair brunch and I was so honored to be amongst so many beautiful brown skin natural beauty’s. I feel like I am part of a private movement.
For now I am going to keep it short so I can get use to managing it. It’s working for me, just how it is. I am loving discovering this new beautiful me!



2 thoughts on “Discovering Me: Loving My Natural Hair

  1. Glad that you came to a realization that your hair is so beautiful and versatile. It is commendable of the decision you have made with your hair. Enjoy the freedom! It is far too long that we have unloved our texture.

    1. Thank you Erene! You are so right, it is amazing I was telling my mother I didn’t even know what my hair looked like without a perm. This has been such a great experience really learning how versatile our hair is – and I love it!

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