Food For Thought

So they say you are what you eat.  If this is true then I think I am a big fat french fry.  I love french fries so much – they are my weakness.  I wish I could love apples or celery the way I love french fries then I wouldn’t be battling with weight loss.  My mother was cracking up when I told her I was a big fat french fry.  But if I am nothing at all I am honest and that is what I have become.

I re-joined the gym in October and was going pretty inconsistently until about three weeks ago when I quit my job (which let me tell you was the best decision I have made in a long time).  But even though I hadn’t been working out everyday or even 5 days a week I wasn’t eating any more then normal but I was still gaining weight.  So I decided to sit down with a nutritionist and he gave me some much needed insight.  He said and I quote, “what you do at the gym is only 20% of the solution, 80% of getting in shape is your diet”.

My mouth dropped.  I mean talk about basic math.  So, basically I can workout every single day and see no results if I don’t change my diet.  That was a huge slap in the face.  Now, anyone who knows me knows that I love food, I am a food-aholic but just like with anything – admitting it is the first step.  So there I put it out in the universe I am a fried food loving, wine drinking, potato head, grease monkey food-aholic.  Step one done – now I have to adjust that and I am asking for your help.

Anyone who has some healthy recipes that are quick and tasty please share them with me. I am a work in progress and healthy or not it has to taste good.  Help me love celery and apples and carrots and green stuff please.  I don’t want to be a big fat french fry anymore! SOS


8 thoughts on “Food For Thought

  1. I also have a weakness in the form of potatoes-chips! One of my favorite “recipes” that’s kind of quick and easy is to mix cous cous with turkey kielbasa and your favorite sauteed veggies. It’s really quick and easy to flavor with things you like-Parmesan, dressings, herbs, salt, that kinda thing 🙂

    1. Thanks Christina! That sounds great I love kielbasa I’ve never tried cous cous before but I am willing to try it. I will mix it up and let you know how it comes out. Thanks again for sharing!

      1. Absolutely! I like cous cous because you can literally cook it in about 5 minutes…you just have to boil a bit of water, then turn off the heat, put it in and let it soak up the water for a bit and voila! It is more of a bland thing by itself (kinda like rice or even pasta) but it’s easy to flavor!

      2. Is cous cous better than rice? I was told that rice is not really good for me to eat a lot of. If it is better and I like it then that will be a great substitution.

      3. Hmm I’ve heard so much on both sides about rice and any other grains actually so it’s hard to separate. So 1/3 cup dry cous cous (which cooks up) has 200 calories and 1/4 rice has 160 (at least the kind we have) so that’s pretty similar. Obviously there’s much more to the health of food than calories and I don’t know much about the specific nutrients of either. But personally, I think either in moderation is just fine for me and whole grain/brown versions of either are the best!

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