Smack in the Face

10 years of my life have flashed before my eyes.  I try not to be so hard on myself drowning in expectations of what I thought would be, but I find my mind sometimes drifting away to what if’s and I wonder what’s.  Stepping into the new decade makes me pay more attention to the details.  I can’t go making rash decisions and need to take six months more seriously.  Forget a year, how much can I accomplish in six months, or even three?

One thing I know now like I’ve never known before is that life is not going to wait on me.  Time doesn’t care at all.  As young as I am, inside I feel 53.  I know that is such a random number but it makes sense to me.  I need to knock 30 years off my life.  Since there is no such thing as a time machine I guess I will have to go running into it.  Chasing it down before 53 becomes my reality and I get smacked in the face with regrets.

Tick tock, tick tock…


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