No Resolutions

Every year I join the masses and create this extended list of last years failures and carry them over into the new year as possible accomplishments and call it my “New Year’s Resolutions”.  This carefully manufactured list usually looks something like this:

1. lose 20 pounds; 2. learn to swim; 3. go to church etc. etc. etc.

Last year I successfully gained 20 pounds, didn’t come within 20 miles of a swimming pool and only saw the inside of a church on New Years and possible 3 or 4 other times that I had guilted myself into it. I won’t even get into the rest of the list or I will just depress myself.

So this year I damned my list of resolutions.  I decided to stop saying what I was going to do and just do.  I really don’t even need to write a list of all my resolutions because they have been the same for the last 5 years so I know them by heart.  The whole world probably knows them because I have put them in poems on my blog, in performances.  They are everywhere.

This year I just want to do better.  I wouldn’t call that a resolution just a promise to live better, make better decisions and treat people in my life better.  I am going to love better, appreciate more and be more thankful.  Those aren’t resolutions just enhancements in charter that should be a constant part of the growing process.  Everything else I will just do.  And the things I don’t get to, well then there is always tomorrow – no need in waiting till next year.


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