Lost in Translation – Conclusion (Death)

My cousin Gregory was born six months before me.  He was my cousin by blood but he was my brother by love.  He was my world.  And as an only child to have someone in your life who fills the void of a sibling is an angel.  He was my angel.  I loved him more then life itself.  We had a connection that I have never shared with anyone.  I guess you could say he was my soul mate. It was almost 10 years ago I literally felt the world stop, Gregory died.

He visits me a couple times a month in my dreams.  Every dream is the same, I’m shocked when I see him and ask him ‘where have you been’?  He’ll give me some random place to where he has been then I will respond, ‘did you know we thought you were dead’? He will laugh and then everything goes back to normal.   When I wake up I it takes me a few minutes to realize it was a dream and I have to relive his death all over again.

Death is such a final thing.  You never know when your last day will come.  Gregory hadn’t even seen 25 years old.  He didn’t get to see his daughter’s birth, touch her face, hold her – he didn’t get to live.  Today is his birthday.  And I celebrate him!  I celebrate his short yet important life.   Everyone he knew loved him.  He was so kind and sincere, gracious, giving, and caring.  He was loved, because he loved.

Gregory, I dedicate this year to you.  I promise not to take another moment for granted.  I promise to love like never before, I promise to chase my dreams like I need them to breath and to make my own rules, riding this bull called life till the clowns come home.  I love you and I will live for you.  I will remember your dreams and aspirations and treat them as they are mine.  I will not let death take both of us.  I will carry your soul with me as we conquer the world together.  So when seeing you again is not a dream I will get to look you in your face and say “what a great LIFE we had”!

Happy Birthday Gregory!


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