Lost in Translation – Part 3 (The Resignation)

I felt like I was breaking up with someone that I’d been in a relationship with for years.   One of those relationships where they are not totally to blame and you just had to find any reason to leave them because you felt like you were being suffocated.

I looked my boss in the face and delivered her the infamous line…”It’s not you…it’s me.”  This was de’ja vou.  I swear I’ve had this conversation before.  “No, we can work this out.  Tell me where I went wrong…” she replied.

Oh my, I didn’t think this would be this hard.  Yes, there were things that she could have done to pacify my unhappiness but there was no way that she could really make me happy.  She didn’t have that much power.  What I needed was out of her control and as long as I stayed there, what I needed was also out of my control.

We talked for what felt like hours and by the end of the conversation I was mentally exhausted.  I need a drink.  This job is turning me into an alcoholic.  After I quit I’m not drinking anymore.  I’m doing the 12 steps.  Step 1: quit job…check!


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