Lost in Translation – Part 2 (Drinking & Driving)

7:30am I just fell asleep 4 hours ago. I have the worst case of insomnia. Always have. I forced myself to go to sleep because I knew the alarm clock was against me. I hit the snooze button 8 times when will it get the message. Why does it hate me so? I look over at my nightstand and see the half finished glass of wine sitting there feeling neglected, so I pick it up and show it how much I care. I have to finish you off. Damn that taste good.

8:55am. I’m running out the door. Why am I always late. That shower didn’t kill my buzz. I hate the snow. I hate driving in the snow. At least the sun is out today and it doesn’t look like dooms day. And that last glass of wine has me feeling a little saucy. Am I an alcoholic because I’ve had a glass and a half of wine before 9am? I mean it’s 5:00pm somewhere…right?!

There is a steady flow of traffic on the highway. I feel like the car is floating. Or I am just buzzing. If I got pulled over would I pass a breathalyzer? I think so…I’m no where near the legal limit. Maybe I should have ate that banana to put something else on my stomach. Oh well. I hope that traction control light doesn’t come back on again. I keep thinking if I ignore it long enough it will just fix itself. Ding Ding Ding…damn maybe not.

I pull into the parking lot feeling good. I’m ready to tackle this corporate beast one more day. As soon as I walk through the door…there goes my buzz.


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