Waking Up…

I love my life! As much as I love it I just realized I am falling head over hills in love with my life!  I am so blessed I can’t even keep up with my thank you’s and gratitudes.  God is great!  I’m watching things evolve around me.  I looked up this morning and let me just tell you I love spring mornings.  They are so wonderful.  The air is so crisp and clean, the sun is shining bright before 6am, the birds are chirping, trees are blooming I am totally obsessed with spring mornings.  I wish it could be spring all year. 

On top of all the wonderful natural beauties of life, I am more focused then I have ever been. Trust me, I didn’t think I could become more focused then I already was but I am so dead set on my goals. Everyday is new and everyday I am making and breaking goals that I set for myself.  I am so proud of decisions that I made to get me here.  Sometimes it takes for you to go through a storm to understand and appreciate the calm and sit in the light looking into the sun with your eye’s wide open avoiding the squint because you are just ecstatic that it is out. I am looking forward to what’s next and all that life has to offer.  I feel good!


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