A good friend of mine once said, “momentum is the hardest thing to get back.”  This was years ago.  At the time I was on a wave of success I had so many different projects going on at once that I couldn’t keep up with them all. I was practically doing everything on my own and was drowning in task – so I decided to take a break and breathe.  This break was only supposed to last for one week.  But a week turned into a month and a month into two, then it was a year later and I had no idea where the time went. The worst part of this was all of the projects that I had going on were at a halt. This is when I completely understood what he meant. Let me just say you fall a lot faster then you rise.  The climb to the top is long and excruciating but in the end the reward is so much greater then you ever imagined.

The point to me saying all this is you have to keep the momentum going. The only way to truly achieve success is to keep going even when you can’t breathe.  Don’t stop even if every limb on your body is sore and throbbing because that is the moment you are about to make a breakthrough.  Giving up is not an option.  Stay hungry.  Know that you can always be doing more.  Want that dream more then you want life itself.  You have be dream with your eyes open.  Never sleep on your own potential, take every opportunity.  The only way you fail is if you stop.  DON’T STOP! KEEP MOVING!

Then one day you will be there.  Standing on the top of that mountain and you will look up and realize  that hidden above the clouds is one million more feet to climb. So take a deep breath, dig your heels into the rock and climb.



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