Learning Season

So in shooting Voyage to Oprah’s Couch I have been able to look at myself and my performances and let me be the first to say I am out of practice and I am not impressed. It is time for me to work. I need to be on stage more, taking acting classes, performing for fun until I get my mojo back. Maybe I am being a little critical on myself but I have to be because to me I’m looking a little stiff. What I must remind myself of is that even though I have all these slashes behind my name my ultimate goal is to be an award winning actress. Acting and performing is my first love so I need to start investing more time into that.

With that said time to get back to the basics. Looks like you’ll be seeing me around more often rehearsal is everywhere and this is exactly where I plan to be. Everywhere!

Have a wonderful day!!

Shireal Renee


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