See It Through…

I’ve always been someone who speaks things into existence. Abdul calls people like me Dream Chasers. But to see something through makes you more then a dream chaser you become a dream catcher. Through the grace of God I have been able to catch a few of my dreams. But I want to let you in on a little secret no matter how many dreams you catch you never get tired of the trill you get from catching it!

Dream catching is like being on a natural high. Every time you do it, it gets better and better. Some would think that the bigger the dream the better the high, however you will be surprised at how high the small dreams can take you. Some times those small dreams are just what you need to keep you pushing onto the bigger dreams. Every dream can’t be colossal. Those baby steps can be most thrilling because it feels like something you’ve never experienced before. Gives you hope to take another, makes you want to learn how to run. I live for the small dreams.

I encourage you to see your dreams through. Everyday take one step closer to that goal you set. Appreciate the little victories and treat them as huge triumphs. Don’t be discouraged, have faith and persevere. Today I watched episode 3 of my new video documentary series “Voyage to Oprah’s Couch” (VTOC) and I swear it felt like I was already sitting across from Oprah. Those baby steps! I know my day is coming soon and everyday I will take one step closer to it and even if it takes 1000 VTOC episodes then guess what now I only have 997 more episodes to go.

I wish you much success on your journey! Let’s all be Dream Chasers and catch some dreams together!


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