Voyage To Oprah’s Couch Ep. 2

This episode gives a history of my encounters with Oprah and my Shoe Crazy audition for her network which was the beginning of my shoe crazy consulting. We take Jami shoe shopping, introduce the new By Renee Visions website and sneak preview the cover of the new book set for release this winter Me & My Man’s Wife.

Special thank you to Valerie Tyme who helped us get our shoes for the “Shoe Crazy” segment, also to Jami Williams for being a guest on the show and Macy’s for letting us shoot in their Westfarms Mall store.


One thought on “Voyage To Oprah’s Couch Ep. 2

  1. OMG….Wonderful. The Vidiary was appealing and instresting. It kept me wanting more from So excited to see what will happen on your next week’s journey to Oprah’s couch

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