“Voyage to Oprah’s Couch” Overview

As promised I said I would be posting my overview of my new video documentary series “Voyage to Oprah’s Couch”. I am very excited about this video series more so because I have been keeping a diary or journal since I was very young and there are so many things inside of those journals that I know other’s can relate to, especially entrepreneurs! The daily grind to accomplishing your dreams can be gruesome and many times just plain hilarious so why not share it with others so they can see it happens to the best of us.
In these videos I will be disclosing many intimate details about myself that I don’t usually let everyone in on like my struggle with weight loss, going to work at my 9 to 5, my “shoe crazy” addiction and going back to school while balancing being a small business owner, author, actress, performer and writer…YA! It gets crazy but I am going to share it all with you. This is my journey on my “Voyage to Oprah’s Couch”!

Special thank you to my cousin Patrice and my sweety HJ for helping me put together this video.
(Don’t laugh at my apparent speech impediment “I’d been” LOL. Bloopers coming soon. It is ridiculous how many times I did this video to get it right.)


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