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As we approach the 9th month in 2012 I have to stop and reflect for a moment. I can’t believe how quickly this year has gone by. I am so thankful to God for all that I have been able to accomplish. I was able to cross 4 things off of my dream list. Two of the major accomplishments were publishing “Bare Naked” a book of poetry by Tracy “Mind.Evolution.” Caldwell and also shooting the “Outside Myself” DVD – which is due for release this fall!

I’ve learned a lot this year about friendships, business, love, and patience. All of them have one thing in common – handle with care (LOL)! I worked with some of my friends creating a company called Brighter Than Before Ent. that was a learning experience all in itself. We were able to put on some very successful events. As the time went on though I found that I was not going in the direction of my ultimate goal. I was not focused on my babies By Renee Visions and Shireal Renee Inc. Shireal Renee Inc. is me as a brand and By Renee Visions is my publishing company. Balancing those two entities is hard enough. When I throw a whole new venture in the mix I am just spreading myself to thin. So I had to make a tough adult decision but ultimately the best decision. I walked away from Brighter Than Before Ent. a few weeks ago. I know that Tracy, Alison and Toya will be able to uphold the mission of the company and I can’t wait to see all the greatness that comes from it. But now it is time for me to get focused on my original goals at hand.

So back to business! I am very excited about some things that I already have lined up for the rest of the year. As far as By Renee Visions I am looking to publish two more books before the end of the year. One I know you all remember “A Pretty Girl’s Bullsh*t”. Well, the author Gale (Blazze) has decided to revamp the cover, enhance the story and change the title of the book. All I can say is it is a great business move! The book is 100% more universally appealing and spiritually touching. I can not wait to publish this novel! Also finally my first novel “Me & My Man’s Wife” is set for release in December!! This has been a long time coming I can not wait to finalize this chapter of my life. And by the first of the year I will be releasing “The Things Inside Me” as three individual books. Lastly the By Renee Visions new website will be up by the end of the year. Got a lot to do.

For Shireal Renee Inc. well this site will be undergoing a makeover. I have a few features and performances lined up. On Saturday September 22nd I will be a guest on an author panel called “Soul Passages” in New Haven – details below. On October 16th I will be performing poetry on human rights at the Hartford Public Library for a spotlight on Emett Till. On January 30, 2013 I will be a feature on a series at Manchester Community College called Urban Storytellers. All the details for the events will be listed below. Lastly look forward to a new venture for Shireal Renee called “Voyage to Oprah”! This is going to be so dope! The preview is coming Sunday September 2, 2012 on ShirealRenee.com and world premiere on Sunday September 9, 2012 on ShirealRenee.com via my Youtube page. Get ready world! My time is now!

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3 thoughts on “Upcoming Events…

  1. I’m so excited and thrilled for these up comming events. You inspire us all through your acting & writing. I’m so thrilled to be just a little inkling in your journey through your career. Blessings and peace be upon your head as you grow and mature in your career…..:-)

  2. Congratulations on your success!! May God continue to guide you through all you accomplishments. I’m excited and wait to see more.

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