Obsessed w/ #Instagram @reneevisions

You all know how mentally challenged I am when it comes to getting on board with social media. I mean it took me 4 years to attempt to figure out how to use twitter and I’m still really not that good at it. Well, I have finally got on the instagram wave and let me just say “I love it!!”

I am completely obsessed with this new social media because as much as I love to write believe it or not sometimes I am at a loss for words and with instagram now I can catch those moments in a snap shot. It is possibly the best networking app yet if you ask me. I have only been on it for about a month now but I have quickly found many of the features and bonus apps that make it even more awesome. I know I sound like a big dork right now but it’s OK, I really am an advocate for instagram. They should make me a spokes person LOL.

If you don’t have it I suggest you get it because like they say, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” LOL Catch me on instagram @reneevisions to follow all my crazy adventures that I am to lazy to write about, just kidding. But seriously check it out.



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