And the answer is NO!!

Before every event I do I always get asked the question…”Are you excited?” Am, I excited? Well, the answer is absolutely, positively, NO! Anyone who has ever planned, performed or been a part of a major event or even a minor event that takes time, practice and preparation knows that the last thing you are is excited. Let me throw out some nice adjectives that I do feel. Lets try nervous, anxious, anxiety, doubt, panic, exhausted, frantic, hungry, bossy, confused and helpless. Perhaps this is why so many people find it hard to accomplish their dreams, because the road to getting it done is not pretty at all. The excitement and glamor is in the finished product. When the lights go down and the crowd goes home and you can finally stop, breathe and take a moment to realize that you did it. But you must first fight through all the necessary “awake-nightmares” (as I like to call it).

Am I excited? Ask me on June 29th after my newest project “Outside Myself”…I should have a way better answer for you then. Oh, here is another good adjective for what I’m feeling right now…FOCUSED!

“I’m Focused”
Photo by: Keith Claytor

One thought on “And the answer is NO!!

  1. Awesome picture & blog…They say a picture is worth a thousand words. And truly indeed this says alot.

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