God said he wouldn’t give me more than I can handle, if that is true then I must be right at my limit. Then I have to look at the decisions I’ve made and wonder did I ask for this, were some of these burdens on me self inflicted and not given to me by God? I like to believe that what I do has been placed in my heart by God but is that always necessarily true or are some of these task wants that I have for myself? If they were placed on me by God wouldn’t he make a way????

These questions have me stuck. I feel like I am in mental purgatory right now. I have decisions that are on my shoulders that even though I have the answer to I don’t necessarily have the means of bringing them to fruition. These weights are getting too heavy, I’m getting stressed out and in the middle of the night when I try to sleep my worries away I just toss and turn and wake up in a panic like I’m suffocating!

I’ve heard to those that much is given much is required. Well what if you are willing to do the work but you don’t have the equipment to get it done? I am typing this post 100 miles a minute I’m moving so fast I’m running out of air! Suffocation!!! I have to stop, take a break, catch my breath before I faint! Maybe if I stop long enough the solution will show its face.


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